Our EXPRESS HANDLING SERVICE is able to process your time-sensitive cargo within 90 minutes before aircraft scheduled departure or after arrival. You always can be assured that our dedicated staffs are trained to handle your time-sensitive cargo in timely manner as promised.

The only thing you need is to make your shipment RFC “Ready For Carriage” which is an IATA Resolution 833 - guidelines for preparation and condition of freight before it is handed to the carrier. What is required for a shipment to be RFC?

  1. The shipment is booked.
  2. The complete shipment is delivered on time.
  3. The complete shipment and documents are secured in accordance to local security regulations and import country Regulatory and customs authorities requirements.
  4. The shipment corresponds with the booking.
  5. The shipment is accompanied by a correctly issued airway bill and FWB containing accurate information about weight, volume, contents and with all relevant documents attached.
  6. Correct labels, with barcode, are attached to each piece of cargo.
  7. The packaging is in good condition and suitable for carriage by air.